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EX series is N9's a high-performance, high demand products. Its design requirements are mainly used for high-demand KTV places, auditoriums, banquet halls, music bars and multi-purpose hall and other places. The entire series is rear-oriented design, the use of high-quality speaker unit, power, low distortion, large dynamic, high sensitivity and so on. The surface of the box is precisely calculated, the surface coating with pure black paint;
Technical Parameters
Product Application
System: 1 * 12 inch two frequency speakers
Frequency response: 60Hz-19KHz (-3dB)
Power: 250W (RMS) 1000W (PEAK)
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 96dB / 1W / 1M
Maximum sound pressure: 109dB (RMS) 115dB (PEAK)
Overlay angle: Horizontal 70 ° vertical 100 °
Tweeter: custom quality unit, 1 inch throat, 34mm voice coil
Woofer: custom quality unit, 65mm voice coil
Hanging point: 16 M8 screws hanging point
Connector: NLV4MP
Bracket: base bracket hole 35mm
Hand: Wood 2
Box material: CNC manufacturing, high density MDF
Paint treatment: the use of waterproof wear-resistant compounds
Weight: 20Kg
Size: (W * D * H) 350x382x600mm