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The firmware can be updated via the RS232 port.
Using CobraNet technology, with analog input and CobraNet input function.
Audio transmission, control, monitoring, only a CAT5 cable and RJ45 crystal head connection, the use of installation is very convenient.
AU series of network active speaker can be on the PC side of the remote speaker on the active speaker operating temperature, speaker voltage and current monitoring and remote switching function, and can achieve DSP signal processing and remote access through the network software network audio signal (See the network monitoring DSP technical parameters section).
MCU control can independently control each receive channel.
All of the setup parameters are stored in memory and can be run independently from the computer.
Using neodymium magnetic horn, for the installation to bring the light, its efficiency compared to ordinary magnetic has certain advantages, whether it is the sound of the delicate, or the clarity of the human voice, are ahead of the ferrite speakers. Products with D-class digital power amplifier template, the use of its high technological content, superb technology and leading the power amplifier template market.
The use of high-definition speakers, the ultra-light aluminum flat wire voice coil material and a special high-intensity sound film and cone, the use of the company's original magnetic gap noise adsorption technology. So that the speaker sound clear and transparent, high, medium and low level of bass, sound accurate.
Applicable to global power supply voltage AC100-240V50 / 60Hz.
Highly sound parameters such as distortion, frequency response, slew rate, slew rate, bandwidth, and damping are available in the most accurate signal reconstruction, with a crystal-like treble, compact and powerful bass, bass and midrange, respectively, with independent Class D amplifiers coefficient.
Frequency response: 60Hz-16KHz (-3dB)
Power: 600W (RMS) 1200W (PEAK)
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 104dB / 1W / 1M
Maximum sound pressure: 127dB (RMS) 133dB (PEAK)
Coverage angle: Horizontal 120 ° vertical 10 °
Tweeter: Italy imported high-quality neodymium magnetic unit, 36mm voice coil
Woofer: custom high-quality neodymium magnetic unit, 65mm voice coil
Hanging point: yes
Connector: NLV4MP
Handle: 2
Box material: CNC manufacturing, high density birch plywood
Paint treatment: the use of waterproof wear-resistant compounds
Size: (W * D * H) 500 * 355 * 275mm
Category: Class D Digital Amplifier Board
Output power: 600W (8Ω)
Output power: 1000W (4Ω)
Signal to noise ratio:> 95dB
Harmonic distortion: <0.1% 20Hz-20KHz