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R series is N9's built-in two-frequency multi-purpose industry sound system. The product uses advanced computer software technology (LEAP) based on the speaker unit technical parameters based on the establishment of simulation models and electro-acoustic audio test software (DAAS) detailed test and analysis designed. Box simple and shiny, for the user custom low distortion compression drive tweeter, the installation of unique features of the direct red horn issued a sweet and delicate treble and with amazing clarity playback of various types of music material.
Technical Parameters
Product Application
System: 2 * 15 inch two frequency speakers
Frequency response: 50Hz-19KHz (-3dB)
Power: 850W (RMS) 3400W (PEAK)
Nominal impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 101dB / 1W / 1M
Maximum sound pressure: 130dB (RMS) 136dB (PEAK)
Coverage angle: Horizontal 60 ° vertical 40 °
Tweeter: custom quality unit, 1.5 inch throat, 75mm voice coil
Woofer: custom quality unit, 75mm voice coil
Hanging point: 16 M8 screws hanging point
Connector: NLV4MP
Hand: 2
Box material: CNC manufacturing, high density poplar plywood
Paint treatment: the use of waterproof wear-resistant compounds
Weight: 63Kg
Size: (W * D * H) 480x 560x 1190mm